Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ok, Time Out.

                                                     Check us out in Time Out NEW YORK

Well hello there...

Vintage genius Jen McCulloch (owner of OLIVE'S VINTAGE ) and visionary mastermind Jeanne Messing have blessed the Brooklyn community with, finally, a source and haven for men seeking vintage clothing finds and ketch decor. 

With the plethora of women's vintage stores dusting the streets of Brooklyn, New York and beyond, it's about time that a prestigious men's vintage store has finally blossomed out of the snow to give men the opportunity to look as well dressed as their vintage obsessed girlfriends. OLAF'S Men's Vintage, a men's vintage clothing and home decor store, specializing in the crem della crem of men's vintage ranging from the 1920's to the 1980's, has now filled that gap! 

Step out of the present and into the past and visit OLAF'S where you will find everything from your "Mad Men" tweeds, ties and wing tip loafers to your Paul Bunyan Pendeltons, Redwing lace-ups and cable knit sweaters. Buy your dapper three piece "Great Gatsby" tuxedo's, 1940's cuff links and Dior bow ties. Give your home a touch of nostalgia with antique shot glasses, haunting paintings or antique candlesticks for when the lights "go out". 

OLAF'S, located at 453 Court Street and 4th, is the men's vintage store with everything. Shrimp forks decorated with multi colored dice? We got em. Vintage Led Zeppelin tee's less that 30 bucks? Look no further. 60's Shark Skin suits that instantly transform you into George Harrison? I think you got the picture. Add into the mix, great music, cute sales girls and reasonable prices and I'd be surprised if your head does not explode (in the best of ways). 

Pssstttt....we are buying dust off those velour smoking jackets, rummage through your fathers old military coats, finally take up the offer to go through the old trunks in the attic of your great uncle's and give us a call!